Man Gets Nail in Face, Does Nothing About it

The Story: Remember how your dad always used to joke around and say that he was going to hammer a nail into

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your face? Just me? Ok. Well Patrick Lawler got to enjoy a nice nail in the face one day in January 2005. He was using a nail gun to bind two or more pieces of wood together—the way a nail gun should be used—when it accidentally backfired a nail into the roof of his mouth. The kicker? He sort of barely noticed. Lawler claimed that he felt like he had been 'hit in the head with a bat" when the nail entered his face. But he never thought that it was a nail that caused the pain. After six days of a painful toothache and blurred vision in his right eye, Lawler headed to the dentist. An X-ray revealed that there was, in fact, a nail in his head. I can imagine the conversation:
Dentist: Ok Pat, I think we’ve found the problem.
Lawler: Let me guess; I don't brush or floss enough?!
Dentist: Well, yes. But for real, you have a nail embedded in your head.
Lawler: What?!
Dentist: But it couldn't hurt to cut back on the taffy.

What doctors did: They removed the nail in a four-hour procedure. It was 1 1/2 inches into his brain.

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Any variation in direction, and he could have severed his optic nerve, permanently blinding him in his right eye.

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